A new week with new challenges!

I’m very glad it’s Monday, partly because I was sick all last week and this week signals the first day of my return to my normal routine (that doesn’t involve regularly scheduled cold meds!)  But also because I’ve got some new challenges coming up this week that I’m really looking forward to!

The first isn’t even really a writing challenge, but one of those parent milestones that just like a Hallmark commercial make me misty and nostalgic as I notice how fast time has whizzed by.  This Thursday I can take my kidlet down to the DMV to get his driver’s license.  He’s had his permit for the past six months and the kid really is a very good driver (don’t say it too loud, don’t want him to get cocky or anything…lol!)  He doesn’t have his own car yet, but I remember how excited I was to get my driver’s license, so I’m also excited for him.  (Although seriously – it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was 16 and getting mine!  Where the heck did all that time go???)

My second challenge for the week is that I’m teaching an online class through Savvy Authors called “Thinking Like An Editor”.  This will be my first time teaching an online class, so I’ve got a little nervous excitement buzzing around.  I’ve given this talk before as an hour long presentation for writer’s groups and at a few conventions, but I’ve never done it as an online class that lasted for two weeks.  I have my lesson plans all planned out, which very much reminded me of my days as a band director, and I’ve already posted my first lesson.  Now I just have to wait and hope I’m not on the forum all by myself!  (Okay, I already know two people who have emailed me to say they’ve signed up and I’m sure there are at least a few more, but you know how irrational fears go…lol!)

And most important (to me, anyway) is that I was so sick last week that I haven’t written in nine days.  Ack!  I’m having withdrawal symptoms!  I’m not sure if anyone else has this issue, but it’s hard to get my mind back in the habit of writing every day after having even a day or two off, let alone nine.  Which means I’ll be going back to the beginning of the story and reading it over to get my brain back into my world of Succubus and mayhem.  Usually that gets things churning again.

My current project is tentatively titled Taming of the Succubus, which is the third book in the Sisters of Darkness Series.  Book 1, Seducing the Succubus, releases on October 5th and Book 2, The Demon & The Succubus releases April 2011.  So I’m really excited to get back to my third Succubus and get her moving because the Succubus for book 4 is already churning around inside my brain wanting her turn to tell her story!

Which reminds me!  I need to start making some flyers to pass around.  My book signing for Seducing the Succubus is coming up on October 8th at the Desert Ridge Barnes & Noble!  Hope to see you all there!

Until next time…


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