A journey through love & acceptance…rather than intolerance and hate.

This is cross posted from the Aphrodisia Author’s Blog, but I figured my 7 brain surgeries one had been up long enough and it was time for a fresh post :)  I’ll try to be better about getting back into blogging :)

But here goes:

As someone who writes not only romance, but also HOT, erotic romance, I’ve had my fair share of self righteous people trying to tell me I’m immoral, bad, a bad mother, or going to go to hell for what I do. I’ve always written those people off as not realizing what huge hypocrites they are, since I’m sure they are entirely blameless in their own lives (yeah – right…) I’ve never been ashamed of what I write and what I do. If people don’t like it – they don’t have to read it, unlike those people who try to brow beat me with their warped version of morality, I don’t shove my books down people’s throats. I have quite a fan following without doing that, and for those who try to shame me into their idea of morality – just so you know – Jesus has quite a fan following without your help also…lol! As does God.

I recently had two people very close to me come out as gay, and I’ve gotten to see first hand another cross sections of this hate and intolerance. Now, let me say that most people in our lives have accepted it quite readily and still love and support them both, which we all appreciate! However, they’ve been offered numbers for counseling so they can get “fixed”, and some other insensitive things. Let me say for the record, neither of them are BROKEN in any way! So Therefore they don’t need to be fixed. They are purely being brave enough to acknowledge their own feelings, who they are, and what they want out of life, not to mention what makes them happy. I’m extremely proud of both of them, and want them to be happy, no matter what form that takes. And as close to the situation as I am – if I don’t have an issue with it, I don’t see what right anyone else has to have one!

There have also been a very few people who have offered their condolences to me or to them. And while I understand it’s a complicated situation in some respects. I mean what I’ve said since this entire thing came to light – I love them both and want them to be happy. I’m just happy they’ve both been brave enough to be honest with themselves and the world at large. They are both amazing people, and if the outer world doesn’t see that – then it’s the world’s loss. When people start accepting other people for who they truly are and not who they want or expect them to be, the world will be a much better place.

This is not a political statement or anything like that – this is purely an opinion that love and acceptance, not intolerance and hate are better for everyone – individually, and as a larger consciousness. If anyone truly tries to argue against that, I think they’ve lost their argument from the outset – at least with me.

I know my posts aren’t usually controversial – well, maybe sometimes just because I tend to be outspoken, but I think since I’ve seen both sides of this issue first hand – especially more recently, it has become something of a hot button with me.

Also, I know not everyone lives locally and has gotten the full scoop – I’ve received several emails, tweets and texts from people wanting to make sure I’m okay and they are okay. So for those – yes, all three of us are happy, healthy and enjoying life. Thank you!!

May all of you experience love, happiness, acceptance and inclusion in your lives, and may you be brave enough to share those same things with others! :)


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