Tina Gerow Interview Series

Hi, I’m Lisa Pietsch and I thought it would be fun to ask Tina a few hundred questions about herself and her work.  Some of the Q&A is pretty tame but a few of these will probably get downright weird (after all, it is Tina answering the questions).  So buckle up and hold on tight…

Here’s Tina!

Where are you from?

dayton-postcardI was born in Dayton, Ohio, but we moved to Arizona when I was still a baby.  So I grew up in the searing heat of Phoenix.  I still tease my Dad and sisters who are still in Ohio that I’m shoveling sunshine while they’re shoveling snow.  I’m sure they’re flipping me off on their side of the phone/email, but hey – I’ll take heat over the cold any day!!  I lived in Pearland, Texas, for 10 years after college and actually used my Instrumental Music Education degree for a few years.  But then Darian came along and kidlet changed my direction and here I am back in Arizona and only a mile from where I grew up!

Tell us your latest news?

Pinky_and_the_BrainI’m excited to be writing for the Random House Loveswept line!  After the brain blowout and a few slow years of writing, Cassie Ryan rides again!  Yay! 🙂  The first book in my Club Desire series –My Obsession, releases next month, July 21st!  In other news, I’m taking over the world….oh wait, that’s Pinky, not me….whatever!  I’m bringing kink to the masses, so same thing, right??

When and why did you begin writing?

my obsessionI’ve been writing all my life.  I wrote my first story in kindergarten with the help of my teacher, Mr. Riggins.  It was about a ghost who liked to come into classrooms while the kids were trying to take tests and stick his head up through their desk and the paper they were trying to write on…LOL!  I kept writing over the years and have found some of my old stories here and there.  I was sort of a warped kid – I know – still am!  Anyway, by the time I got to high school, I was in Accelerated English – it’s now called AP, but I went to high school back in the middle ages…snerk!  One of my favorite English Teachers, Mrs. Bailey told me that I was a really good writer, but if I wanted to be published someday I probably needed to stop writing the weird stuff and tone down the sarcasm.  I stopped listening after she told me I was a good writer – I was walking on air that she thought that.  Loved her!  So I took my dream of being a published writer with me and mentioned it now and then, but was too busy with life to pursue it.  But then, my hubby Jon told me that I always talk about it, I should just go do it!  That was in August 2003.  And I went to the local Romance Writer’s of America chapter meeting and never looked back.  My first book, Into a Dangerous Mind was published in 2005 and I haven’t stopped since….but sorry Mrs. Bailey – I still firmly embrace the weird stuff and sarcasm 🙂

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

i-love10I think I’m sort of weird in this category.  I considered myself a writer long before I was published.  When I wrote that first story in kindergarten and Mr. Riggins was proud of me, I considered myself a writer, and that never stopped.  I DID continue to dream of being a published author.  But I think if you write and you love it, you’re a writer.

What inspired you to write your first book?  

I had a friend who had some psychic gifts and I was curious and grilled him about certain aspects of it.  A story began to spin inside my head and turned into a psychic serial killer preying on women with untapped psychic potential!  I did mention my penchant for the dark/weird stuff, right?  Mrs. Bailey was right!!

Stay tuned for more in my series of interviews with Tina!

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