Tina Gerow Telling Secrets Veiled in Fiction?

Do you have a specific writing style?

Not that I use consciously, but I’ve had people tell me that my writing is distinctive.  Distinctive of what?  A smartass who isn’t entirely stable?  Yeah –I can see that…snerk!

How did you come up with the title?

For the title of my latest release, Ibrainstormed with my agent and editor.  The series name Loveswept has found that Club and then the name of the club works best with readers.  They gave me a working title of Club Paradise, but Ithought that sounded more like a tropical resort than a dungeon.  So I brainstormed with them, even breaking out my thesaurus and pitched Club Desire, which was accepted.  Then for the book title, the format of MY and then a descriptor was already set for the line so we did the same thing.  Because the story was already 3/4 written at that point, I knew which title would work and which wouldn’t, so we finally ended up with My Obsession.  And for book 2, My Addiction.  Book 3 already has some possibilities on the table, but hasn’t been nailed down yet.  But I was really happy to have so much input into the title.  Some publishers allow different levels of input, and not just for titles, but for covers and blurbs as well.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

bdsmI usually don’t have overall “messages”in my books, unlike what they taught in my high school English classes, but I’ve been told that most of my books have the message of allowing strong women to “find” themselves before giving themselves up to love.  And they often save themselves.  In my Club Desire series, I suppose the message would be about the BDSM lifestyle.  The overreaching theme I learned while doing all that research was that their motto is “Safe, Sane & Consensual”  and anything that falls outside of that is abuse and not what they are about.  So I suppose I hope this series will educate people about the BDSM, fetish and kink lifestyle.  I know I had some preconceived notions going in, but a lot of those were changed by the time I was finished.  One of the main things that stuck with me other than the ‘Safe, Sane & Consensual’ is that the sub has the greater power in the D/s relationship.  I always thought that the Dom had all the power, and that was the point.  I also thought that any woman who wanted to be dominated had to be weak.  From my research and talking to subs AND Doms, I was totally wrong.  Not sure if I would ever be brave enough to try it out – mainly because my vanity would get in the way – I no longer have the cute body I did in my 20’s.  Vanity – thy name is Tina!!  It’s certainly not because I’m too vanilla for it, as anyone who has read my Cassie Ryan books would figure out pretty quickly.  EEP.  Don’t tell my husband.  Eh…he already knows…poor man!  Snerk!  When I started doing research for this he told me in no uncertain terms that he would NOT be taking me to a dungeon to do research.  He told me to ask my critique group.  I think the girls would gladly go, but our schedules just haven’t lined up yet!!  Stay tuned 🙂

How much of the book is realistic?

If I was answering this about any other Cassie Ryan book, my answer would be “not much”but with my Club Desire Series, other than someone blasting out the top of a mountain in Paradise Valley, AZ, enough so they could put in 4 basement levels, I’d say I tried to keep everything VERY realistic, as my last answer explained.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Snicker…while I usually have a little of myself in every book – unwittingly, and I shamelessly use those around me and their experiences, the dungeon and the happenings there came from research, reading, and my own imagination.  I’m not saying that I’m uber vanilla in that arena, but back in my wild days, I didn’t even know there WERE dungeons in this town.  Now I find out there are several!  Shows you what I knew!  And whenever I mess with hubby and tell him things like that we need to get a St. Andrew’s Cross for our bedroom, he just rolls his eyes at me…LOL.

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